The beauty of Trays

April 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

Trays are not for just eating TV diners or breakfast in bed. Trays have become a wonderful design element to incorporate into any space.

They provide storage, help to keep you organized, de-clutter messy areas, and will enhance the design of even the smallest thing, like the coffee station in your kitchen.

Below are some examples of great ways to use trays in your home.


In the Bathroom      
tray_bath tray_bath5



Great for bath tubs and storing your favorite products

In the Kitchen      
tray_kitchen tray_coffee tray_kitchen2  
Trays Incorporated into Furniture      
tray_living3 tray_living tray_living2  
Other Ideas      
tray_oval tray_bar tray_out  

Trays don’t have to be square

-You can have initials etched into your trays

-Great for outdoor entertainment!


§ 2 Responses to The beauty of Trays

  • Gail Bramer says:

    I am using my silver trays to highlight my lovely buffet-style granite counter and cabinets against the new lovely glass backsplash. It really gives one the idea of a piece of furniture in the kitchen.

    I also use an oblong silver tray on my coffee table to add that sparkle to wood and fabric in the room. One can put flowers on it, or a lovely art piece or use it to serve beverages or snacks at a party.

    • Kristin not used says:

      I love silver trays, always elegant. Does anyone have a place they like to shop for tray? Please share your resources.

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