A few home Tips

November 12, 2010 § 4 Comments

I was with some clients the other day spouting about how to fix this or that when they asked where I came across these homecare tidbits? To tell you the truth, I cannot site my sources, I have no idea where they came from originally.  I have always liked collecting little nuggets of truth. I seek things that are really simple that really work. And I have yet to find anything related to exercise that meets that criteria but I do have some related to the home.

I thought I might put some of these tips into print so I can get a list together (I love lists). I think I am going to collect all of these tips and turn them into one of those tiny books you see in people’s bathrooms with a really pretty cover that are found at the Barnes and Noble sale table. I am pretty sure Real Simple and Martha Stewart have their own versions but I have never seen #6 mentioned. Maybe you too have some unique tip that we all need to know. Here are a few of mine:

  1. Use a walnut (the meat) on a scratch in wood to fill in and smooth the appearance.
  2. Use ice cubes and a stiff brush to get up stubborn smashed carpet (from furniture sitting on it).
  3. Use rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to clean silicone grout.
  4. Use lemon oil on stainless steel to clean and shine. Use it on chrome and shower doors to remove hard water stains. Use it on wood trim and cabinets to minimize scratches and make them shine like new.
  5. Use Q-tips and old toothbrushes’ to clean everything else.
  6. And finally a little known, hugely important tip to anyone who has experienced this problem…. use hand sanitizer gel to remove silly putty off almost anything!

§ 4 Responses to A few home Tips

  • Molly says:

    Here’s one I learned from the book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”: use a piece of red brick to get stubborn deposits off of the inside of a toilet bowl.

  • Gail Bramer says:

    I just used a ‘Mr. Clean” white sponge to clean some very dirty grout on a tile floor that I had previously tried to clean when we moved to this house last year. This time, as a last resort, I did not even have to rub too hard although it literally tore the white sponge up. However, it sure did clean the grout to its original white. Now I need to seal it ! Kristin’s Mom

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