Are you ready for 2012?

October 22, 2010 § 2 Comments

The world of color and design is already predicting what colors our walls will be painted and what patterns our pillow will have in the next two years. I thought I’d share their predictions and see what you think.


The first area will be the continued infusion of global colors and ethnic patterns. Look for the shapes of native geometrics, lace in metal and other hard surfaces, flags, string art forms, large knits, woven and handcrafted. These materials will mix the colors of earthen darks, with jeweled Chroma, saturated brights, taupe, bark, and oxidized black.


2_inch_native_american_dog__collar (400x253)baroque-outdoor-chair-saw-italy-queen-of-love-1 (400x225)chunky pillow (170x135)kutch_fabric_whimsical_ethnic_global_art_shoes-p16796253806182181921zxg_400 (400x400)metal lace bench (300x300)


Next is the urban organics and modern neutrals. These shapes include 3D mapping, diagrams, blueprints, flight patterns and flow charts as art. Blocks, barcodes, and hydroponics also influence these natural forms. Colors include digital primary’s, red with fresh green, golden greens, bright blues, spa blues mixed with white grey and black.


barcode-sofa (400x299)modern neutrals (400x324)flight patterns (400x215)


Third will be embellishments and armor. This means  “bedazzling” is alive and well. Iconic female figures, lips, draped forms, padded and quilted and covered in jewels. On the armor side, camo, metal mesh, cage shapes, spikes and shards abound. The colors are pinks, plum, and fuchsia mixed with steel greys,blues, military green, metallics, and alabaster tones.

gauzy bedroom (300x400)quilted headboard (400x266)

Fourth is cosmic rebirth with a back to the future theme. Egg shapes and celestial orbs abound as do wings, birds, and flight icons. Look for organic bubbles and laser patterns. Prisms, mirrors, and acrylic materials cover surfaces. White, greys, and clear crystal mix with Sputnik red and blacks. Deep space purples and blues are also mixed in this palette.


egg tub (375x400)Shards of Glass (400x300)black-red-credenza-furniture (400x300)acrylic chairblue-kitchen-wall-paint-scheme (378x400)


I think there are several ways to incorporate the future of design today. Accessories and accents such as pillows, art, and décor pieces can infuse a new look with minimal damage to your pocketbook.


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