Hang ‘em high hang ’em low

September 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Isn’t that the ultimate question? Well maybe not, but wouldn’t it be nice to know what height to hang your pictures? I can tell you what I see most often are homes that have their pictures and too high. There are some guidelines I’d like to share.

Basic rule, lower is better.  The rule of thumb is hanging at 62 – 64”  for the center of your photo or art work. This usually places the art in the center of the wall. There are some exceptions. For one thing it depends on the size of your wall.  The 62-64” height  works for the average 8-10 foot wall but higher ceilings can handle more.  Ceiling heights of 10+ feet can handle stacks of smaller art or large pieces. You could stack art in intervals of two to three pieces across and up the wall, or you could just look for a huge piece of art to fill the space. And if everyone in your family is 6’2”, maybe center at 65” off the floor. For the rest of us stick to the 62-64” center and you can’t go wrong.

Keep the scale of the art in line with the size of the wall. A long wall needs more than a short wall. Save your smaller pieces for smaller walls such as at the end of a hallway, between bedrooms, or in the bathroom. Art over the bed should be scaled to the size of the bed. Long and narrow looks good over a king or queen size bed of an average height room. Vaulted ceilings can take taller art over the bed. The same is true for over the fireplace. Scale to the width of the fireplace and height of the area above.

I hope these tips are helpful. Feel free to contact me for specific questions about your space.



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