Staging Consultation

May 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sometimes all you need is to consult. What to keep. What to pack. What to add. What to take away. A staging consultation is usually just that, a one to two-hour consultation to review how you can get your home ready to sell and appeal to the most buyers. At the end, you often get a report outlining all the recommendations.

Take a look at these three homes I recently was asked by the Realtor to consult on.

When your Realtor suggests you have a staging consult it is not because you have done something wrong. It is because he/she knows having an experienced stager take a fresh look at a space can help put your home in the most sell-able light. Suggestions such as how to layout your furniture, set up your entry or front door, can have big impacts on what buyers are drawn to.

In a nutshell, think clean and uncluttered. Unfortunately for those still living in the home while it is on the market, you have to think of  living in a model home. No dishes in the sink, no beds unmade, no laundry piled on the floor, no toys spread around. As many of you know, you also need to depersonalize. Take down the family photos and put up a large framed print or sculptural piece. I am partial to large decorative platters on stands. Most house plants should be stored with a trusted friend while showing. Keep only the large, extremely healthy plants in decorative pots, not the plastic containers they come in (unless it is inside a decorative pot). Clear your counters and tidy your bookshelves.

Perhaps you may just need a few decorative pieces that you can rent from a stager to maximize your layout and design. This is called a supplemental or partial stage. One exception may be linens. Often a stager will recommend where to buy inexpensive but great looking bedding and towels for homes where the owners still reside.

A stager can also help you with paint colors, fixture suggestions, and tile colors for updating to sell. Just make sure you see examples or pictures of their actual work.

Finally remember, your hard work up front will pay off on the selling end. Good Luck!


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