Hide the dirt.

March 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Dirty Laundry that is. That was the task on this beautifully renovated home in North Boulder. Everything else in the home had been remodeled and updated but the washer and dryer were left exposed when they were moved into a closet in an upstairs hallway. By the way, stacking your front loading washer and dryer is a great way to get some extra space in your laundry room and save on bending over to get laundry out of the dryer.(This may not work if you are under 5 feet tall). Anyway, most sets of front loaders can be stacked if you buy the appropriate brackets from the manufacturer.

CJ Van Stone of Superior Interior,cvanstonejr@hotmail.com, pictured here, installed the door which is no simple task. In fact there are many contractors who do not have the experience hanging these types of doors. I recommend using a professional.

We decided to use a sliding barn door track and hang an interior full lite glass door from the track. Both of these materials could be obtained locally. To get the look of frosted glass at a fraction of the price, we had Spotshots window tinting, www.spotshots.net, apply a 3m film to the glass. I am certain if I had not just told you, you would never know the glass was not sandblasted. The track is hidden by a simple shaker style cornice board. If you wanted a rustic or modern loft look you could leave the track exposed.  The homeowner picked out  the handle hardware to coordinate with the rest of the home and viola, dirty laundry disappears. The hallway has a sophisticated new look.

If you would like to see more photos of this beautiful home (staging consult by Id Evolution) it is now on the market so check out this link.


There are numerous other options for these types of sliding doors. You could cover the entrance to the master bath, the opening from the kitchen to the formal dining room, over a closet, in a basement,wine cellar, or powder room. You could use high-end stainless steel exposed hardware. You could paint the wood, use a solid door, have a logo or monogram cut into the film, choose a film that looks like rice paper, the list goes on. Look around your home, maybe there is a place calling out for a sophisticated slider.


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