Bargin of the week (or month)

October 27, 2009 § Leave a comment

I have decided I have to share with someone/everyone some of the bargins I come across while on my regular shopping excursions. These will be things that I think are too good to be passed up and if I can’t buy them then someone I know should. I will attempt to do this at least once a month or as soon as I see something so you can go ASAP to check it out. Some items may be related to interior design but some may not.

So today I was in Tuesday Morning in Broomfield,CO (so I can’t vouch for the other Tuesday Mornings) and I saw a slew of BUILT brand laptop cases. You may have seen them touted recently in several trade magazines as being stylish and affordable at $40 a case. These were priced from $10-$15. They are very contemporary with fat zippers, hip shades of neoprene- like paded material, and cool pouches for accessories.

 I tried to quickly calculate how many teachers, students, and family members I know have laptops. I shallowly realized how I could impress a few 20-somethings with such a gift and grabbed a handful. There were also other BUILT products at Tuesday Morning you might like for amazing prices. Let me know what you think or if you have an amazing bargin of your own to share.


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