Louisville Remodel

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This is a recent project completed in Louisville CO by Green Branch Builders

Caledonia 1      Caledonia 2     Caledonia 3


Id Evolution’s Latest Stage

February 9, 2012 § 3 Comments

Here are a few photos of our latest stage in Denver Colorado. A beautiful home that won’t be on the market long.







Custom Art

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P1020757 (800x600)     P1030080 (800x600) 

2011-10-05_14-01-25_897 (800x451)   2011-10-05_13-59-40_777 (800x544)


See the progression of five pieces of molding we found and a salvage yard and how they were transformed by faux finishing and custom shadow boxes, into fantastic personal artifacts for an Id Evolution client. The cost from beginning to end was about $425. Pretty reasonable for completely unique pieces. Faux finishing handiwork was provided by Denise Chamberlain of Magic Brush Arts.

Are you Faux Real?

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Can you tell which one is real? Faux flowers and plants have made a huge improvements in their appearance. Orchids are one of my favorites. Though not all fake flowers are created equal. Look for plants with silky flowers and natural looking stems and leaves. Avoid the plastic looking stems with unnatural colors. Keep it to a few well placed plants for dramatic effect but avoid overdoing it. You don’t need them in every room or covering every blank surface. And the best part is no watering required!

Iron Forge Townhomes

September 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

Staging Before & After    
         Main Floor Before      Main Floor After           



The main floor consists of a living room, dining room, kitchen and office

if_dining_a  Because these areas are all within an  open floor plan, staging them helps the potential buyer to visualize how they can separate each space without it looking crowded or cluttered. The picture above shows how you can still add seating in a tight space. Accent pillows bring color to the space and adding bins under a table helps with storage. It’s also a good way to display decorative items. Placing rugs on the floor help divide and create designated spaces within an open plan. Here, we put a rug in the living room to separate it from the dining room      
 P1010537 if_liv_a    
        Bathroom Before         Bathroom After    



    Bedroom Loft Before




     Bedroom Loft After





We created  a bedroom that also allowed for a seating and office area






Boulder, Colorado Townhome: Before & After

July 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

Design Tips to Consider…

We used several design techniques to enhance the visual aesthetics of the space:

-White walls called for colorful accents. We chose red to spice up the neutral color scheme.

-Fabric covered canvas makes a great flexible art piece

-Empty spaces underneath furniture can be filled with trunks, stools, baskets, or pillows to bring more interest

Using these tips can transform an empty space to feel more like a home.


        Living Room Before    
living living2  
        Living Room After    
liv_large2 liv_large  
liv2 corner_large.view -Use smaller chairs when seating space is  limited. Add cushions for comfort 

-Throw pillows and blankets add color 

-Fill corners with decorative grasses

-Use rugs to cozy up hard wood flooring

      Dining Room Before           Dining Room After  
dining dining2 dining

My Kitchen Remodel

May 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

I wanted to share my kitchen update to show how you can easily transform your kitchen relatively inexpensively


Painting the Cabinetry…    

origional cab.color


This was the original color of the cabinets

It’s important to sketch out your kitchen and label each cabinet.    

Don’t forget to label the hardware to match the cabinet numbers so that you can replace each door & drawer easily.



labeling1 labeling2 hardware
cabinetsoff cabinetsoff2

Once all the cabinets are labeled and taken off, you can begin the painting process.

Priming the cabinets…    
prime1 prime2

Start by giving the cabinets a light sanding. In this case I used a tinted primer to go under the darker paint. Two coats of primer were needed.

Painting the cabinets… painting_cab




The doors & drawers were sprayed and the frames were rolled. The first can of paint was mixed incorrectly and came out purple instead of black. Lesson learned- test your paint! We wound up doing four coats of paint. 

Now that the cabinets have been painted and each door and drawer is put back where it belongs, it’s time to pick countertops. The original cabinets are a grey laminate and will be replaced with granite.

count_b4 count_after1 granite

After choosing the stone, size, cut, and finish, we are ready for installation!

Here is my new kitchen…


Still to come… hardware, decor, and backsplash!


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